Frequently Asked Questions

How much RMI-25 do I need?
The good news is that, unlike other radiator treatments, it is impossible to put too much RMI-25 in your radiator. Theoretically, you can run 100% RMI-25 in your radiator and the only difference would be quicker results. RMI recommends eight ounces of RMI-25 for a cooling system with a capacity up to five gallons. For cooling systems above five gallons, we recommend a minimum dosage of two ounces per gallon. When used with distilled water only, and no antifreeze, we recommend doubling these dosages.

Cooling System CapacityRMI-25 Dosage
4 Gallons8 oz.
5 Gallons8 oz.
6 Gallons12 oz.
8 Gallons16 oz.