“I have used RMI-25 Cooling System Treatment in all of my cars, pickups and big rigs since 1986. I have experienced no significant problems with cooling systems in any of those vehicles and continue to use it in my preventative maintenance program. I am an owner-operator of a big rig with a dedicated run between Sacramento CA & Eugene Or. There are several long grades going in each direction on that run, the biggest of which is Mt. Ashland, OR. My operating temperature has never gone over 200 degrees F, even with a GVW of 78,000 lbs! I highly recommend RMI-25 to keep the system clean and cool.”

“We were running about 40 Caterpillar blades and other equipment approximately 10 hours daily and experiencing excessive overheating problems. In an effort to cure our problem, radiators were removed at the job site and delivered to an independent radiator shop for rodding out. This process necessitated the use of a crane for removal and replacement, delivery and return of some 60 plus miles along with downtime of several days. The entire process resulted in a repair cost of over $1,500.00 if everything went right. However even after going to this expense, we still didn’t cure the overheating problem. It was suggested by a business acquaintance that your product might be the answer to our problem. You know the rest, we added three quarts of RMI-25 to our 32-gallon radiators and our overheating problems became a thing of the past and the equipment kept right on working with NO DOWNTIME! I recommend the use of RMI-25 to anyone using water-cooled equipment, especially those in the heavy duty area.”

1965 GTO

1965 GTO all original and numbers matching 389ci Tri-power.  We have used RMI-25 for 10+ years with great results.  It runs cool and clean in the desert heat.

“I had a concrete pump truck overheat but I had no time to rod it out. So I added RMI-25 & the temperature had dropped from 220 degrees to 200 in one day of use, so needless to say “I WAS IMPRESSED!” I started adding it to my fleet & now I haven’t had to change a water pump in approximately 1 year & radiator repairs have declined also.”

“We have been using RMI-25 for two years. We first tried it after one of our Cummins Diesels (equipped with the proper keel cooler) was operating a little hotter than we liked. The results were better than I had hoped. The temperature dropped seven to ten degrees under all conditions and we were extremely pleased. A few months later we noticed something else during our annual maintenance cycle. One of our normal procedures was to clean the keel coolers but after opening them up we saw no residue inside, which had allowed the proper heat transfer. Then, later on, we found that the internal water jackets were also extremely clean. Because of these results we have made RMI-25 alone our standard cooling system treatment in our Cummins BTA and CTA Marine Turbos, Detroit 1271 Turbo Marine engines, generators and all our cars and trucks.”

“The RMI-25 product has been routinely used as a part of Harbour Marine Services service plan and has been placed in the cooling systems of MAN V12, V10’s; Volvos – all models; Cummins; Perkins; Gardiners; Caterpillars; Fiats and Onan Gensets to name but a few. All of these applications have shown a marked improvement in the reliability of the cooling systems. It should be noted that West Australian water is of a particularly ‘hard’ nature with high iron and calcium content. Under these conditions, other products have been unable to effectively treat the water. RMI-25, on the other hand, has successfully conditioned the water resulting in clean and neutral cooling systems.”

“We have been very impressed with the results of RMI-25. We were recently involved in a tear-down of a Cummins NTC350 that was running the RMI-25 and we were amazed at the condition of the liners and radiator. They were extremely clean and showed no signs of pitting. It is very difficult to remember replacing a water pump since switching to RMI-25. We are very happy with this quality product.”

“For the past year or so your product has done wonders for our fleet. “RMI-25” has reduced replacement of anti-freeze in the coolant systems, corrosion of radiators, and has prolonged the life of water pumps. This has lowered the cost of maintenance to the fleet of cooling systems by at least 25%. It has also reduced our waste of anti-freeze which lowered the cost of our hazardous waste disposal. With cleaner cooling systems, it has helped reduced thermostat and coolant temperature sensor malfunctions which aided in the decrease of hydrocarbons to the atmosphere. Defective thermostat and coolant temp sensors will cause driveability problems without codes being set in the computer of the vehicle.”

“Our radiator repairs for the fleet have dropped from 1 or 2 repairs a week, to 1 to 2 repairs a year! I can’t remember the last time we replaced a rusted out freeze plug or saw a dirty coolant system. Our contaminated antifreeze waste has gone from approximately 160 gallons a year to less than 50 gallons a year.”

“Since using RMI-25 we have experienced no cooling system problems what so ever. Water pump replacement is almost non-existent, not to mention No more radiator Rod Outs.”

“I am writing to you to let you know that RMI-25 works!! I have been very skeptical when it comes to purchasing new stuff for my race car. I like to take my drag race car to the track to do some bracket racing and also to some of the grudge racing matches. With that said here is some info I would like to share with you as I did my own test and observations with RMI-25.

Big block Chevy 496
Just motor with water and water wetter. The temp that night was in the low 80’s.
Run #1 10.39@129mph and coolant temp 190℉
The engine was turned off and cooled off for 35 minutes
Run #2 10.38@130mph with coolant at 195℉
Run #3 was with a 200 hp shot of nitrous from start to finish.
9.42@145mph with coolant temp 210℉

Two weeks later I took the car back to the track. This time I completely drained the cooling system and flushed it out very good. I then filled the cooling system up with 70% water to 30% RMI-25 solution as you had suggested. Temp this night was a bit warmer at 85℉
Run #1 10.41@128 coolant temp was 185℉
The next three runs were back to back to back! With a 200hp shot of nitrous!
Run #2 9.43@144 coolant temp was 200℉
Run #3 9.42@125mph and coolant temp was 200℉
And run #4 9.46@144mph. And he coolant temp was 200℉
The last three runs the car ran down the track and back in the line. Never once shutting the engine off. Rocksteady temps and now do not worry about overheating engine while racing!

Thanks for your help and hope this info will help other people.”

“I’d like to thank you for introducing me to the RMI-25 cooling system treatment.

I am a racer and was having trouble keeping my dirt track car cool. I was trying different coolants, plain water, and other additives. And I kept raising the pressure in the system trying to keep it from overheating. Once I switched to water and RMI-25, the temperatures dropped 10-15 degrees and became much more manageable. And I didn’t have to drop out due to overheating!

I also have an old 1972 Chevy tow vehicle and have to pull my race car up a steep summit in hot summer weather. This always starts from a dead stop at an intersection and is full throttle nearly all the way, something like 4 miles. The water temps coming over the top always had me watching closely.

Then, I added RMI-25. The stayed in a much more comfortable range! Also cleaned out years of gunk in the system, which was an added bonus.

A co-worker added RMI-25 to his 2010 Mustang and notices cooler running, and firmly believes it warms up quicker during colder mornings.

I now have RMI-25 in all my vehicles I own, knowing it will keep my cooling systems in top shape, and working better than ever.”